How many people worldwide have ever considered the innovative nature of Africa? Come to think of it, how many in Africa have the belief that excellence across all sectors exists to solve the problems we face in the continent? Many, I suspect, have no idea how much incredible innovation is happening across the continent, and how quickly the continent is progressing.

At Inventive Africa we give a platform to any African innovation, no matter how big or small, for free. It is important to showcase African creativity and inspire those in Africa who are yet to see value in their ideas. It is those ideas that will catalyse African progress, creating employment, increasing efficiencies, and dragging people out of poverty at an even faster rate.

Feature on Inventive Africa

Whatever your innovation we want to hear from you. If you are just in the early stages and need publicity, or you have already been picked up by the venture capitalists, we want to hear your story and share it across Africa and the world. We are also looking for experts to give their personal insight into the world of technology and innovation in Africa and the challenges it faces.

Drones are actually being used to fight mosquitos!

Over the years we have shared stories from a large array of sectors in Africa. As well as the buzz sectors like Fintech, renewable energy, drones, health and agritech, we have been excited to see innovations tackling problems such as customer service, fraud, bullying, construction, music and home safety.

To feature your innovation on Inventive Africa, (at no cost) please get in contact with us on or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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