Inventive Africa’s aim as to give a platform to showcase innovators from any field to showcase their start-ups. Both inside and outside of the African continent there is a reluctance to believe that Africa has the creativity and brilliance to solve its own problems. This is simple not true, and as you will see on Inventive Africa, innovation is creating change across the entire continent.

Inventive Africa wants to give a free space to innovations to publicise their creative companies and ideas, and also inspire those that are yet to realise their ideas have great value. No innovation is to big or too small to feature on this platform.

Thank you for reading and supporting. If you would like to be a guest blogger please get in contact with us on Twitter @InventiveAfrica or email, and please also share the blog with your network on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks again


If you would like to support Inventive Africa and help it grow, by writing for us, or spreading the word. please get in contact at

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