The Oil and Gas retail downstream sector has been saddled with so many challenges in the past and present. Fuel margins reducing every passing year coupled with challenges like fuel and cash theft as well as other operational control breaches. Fuel retailers face a deep struggle to survive and remain relevant amidst high competition. energy360 Africa solves these challenges and supports fuel retailers by protecting them from fraudulent activities at the forecourt that lead to losses, as well as optimising their business processes and securing their margins allowing these businesses to serve customers better.


energy360 Africa (e360) is a retail fuels technology company delivering business technology solutions that connect to fuel stations in Africa, analysing the data in real-time and using that data to optimise business processes. E360’s systems deliver comprehensive solutions to oil companies and commercial fleets, improving profitability and optimising performance from the forecourt to the fuel company’s head office. Our software and services enhance the entire retail fuel network and fleet management value chains, from single fuel transactions to retail network optimisation and business analytics.


In our study, we learnt that one key area required to solve most of these challenges is business insight, hence we developed a real-time analytics platform called E360 Station Analytics. Today, E360 Station Analytics is providing real-time operational data to fuel stations in Africa. Fuel stations’ data are aggregated to provide holistic and granular visibility to minimise losses such as those from cash leaks, tank leaks, theft, over-dispensing and short deliveries. Businesses can also monitor price change activities thereby helping them eradicate price change fraud. With an automated replenishment planning module, fuel retailers are able to plan ahead and avert symptoms of fuel scarcity and shortages in their network of stations. Ultimately, this helps fuel retailers make more informed and accurate decisions on the fly.

We recently launched E360 Station Manager 2.0, an upgrade to version 1. E360 Station Manager is an innovative cloud based software as a service designed to optimise fuel station operations and ensure proper controls at the forecourt. E360 Station Manager offers a comprehensive suite of modules to fuel retailers including:

  • Sales & Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cash Management
  • Expense Management and
  • Pump Pricing.station_analytics.png

One of the challenges fuel retailers face in the market today is control over pump prices within their network of stations. Changing pump prices at the forecourt is quite manual and there is room for pump price fraud. With the E360 Station Manager, fuel retailers can remotely control prices for every pump within their network of stations as well as get full insights into what was sold by each pump. This allows these business to remain competitive at all times. This system also allows businesses to manage pump efficiency and flow rates, as well as monitor the entire lifecycle of product delivery processes.

Using IoT, E360 is in business to disrupt the retail fuels space impacting the daily life of fuel businesses and the consumers. Every fuel business has the desire to please and retain her customers by so doing, increasing traction over time. Our systems give fuel businesses the opportunity to create relationships with their customers, getting to know them and serving them better.


Thank you to Abayomi Elebute for his blog about e360. The technology they are using to optimise gas stations systems has the chance to be rolled out into other industries as well. Collecting and analysing data could even help in monitoring water and electricity supply, and creating a far more efficient transparent system across the continent. 

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