What would Wilber and Orville Wright think about the current aviation situation, 115 years after they first flew in their aeroplane. It is likely they would look to the sky in shock to see the amount of people being transported throughout the world in metal birds, and the super sonic military jets flying into action. Another marvel is drone technology, which is getting ever more smaller, more powerful and affordable. Even amateur photographers are able to pick up easy to fly drones fairly easily and take wonderful pictures of scenery around the world. It is this drone technology that is showing great promise in other sectors across Africa, such as security and construction.

A major problem always arises when it comes to the implementation of construction projects in many countries. South Africa is no exception when dealing with such issues, but innovative steps have been taken when addressing such issues, which are worth looking into and supporting. The implementation of  a fleet of drones as an  innovative efficiency tool by the Gauteng province’s Department of Infrastructure Development gives hope for change for South Africa. The implementation signifies that in both the public and private sectors, there is a vital need for efficient and effective changes within the department as a whole. Massive rise and opportunities provided by drones has given platform for companies and organisations to enhance their operations systems across all spheres of development.


Many of the lined up projects by the Department of infrastructure will be monitored by floating drones to ensure that assigned work is done as scheduled. Construction work involves very dangerous tasks and conditions that require proper and safe construction sites if occupational fatalities are to be avoided. The implementation of drones is hoped to assess and intervene in order to promote efficiency through out the value chain of project management value chain. Many people have lost their lives while on duty on construction sites without any clear accountability and investigations of what really happened in South Africa. The implementation of drones is expected to bring new light and solutions to such issues as well as tracking and speeding up of projects that are ready for implementation.


Working on the daily routines and working on projects requires different approaches. Due to the growing importance of projects in South Africa, it is important to develop policies to ensure that they are well prepared for project challenges. We can only anticipate better results, less marches by unhappy construction workers and sustainable improvements with the implementation of drones within the Department of infrastructure in South Africa. The history of drones and their success stories can be drawn from many African countries despite fear of their security by policy makers in Africa. This blog has covered a number of them. From fighting  Malaria mosquitoesMalaria mosquitoes, improvements in agriculture to construction. Their value and impact in changing lives in Africa is phenomenal.

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