Agenda 2063 is a long-term strategy formulated by the Heads of State of the African Union (AU) for their 50th Anniversary Solemn Declaration back in 2013, dedicated to the future continent’s accelerated development and technological progress. In the words of the AU:

“Agenda 2063 is both a Vision and an Action Plan. It is a call for action to all segments of African society to work together to build a prosperous and united Africa based on shared values and a common destiny.” Source: About Agenda 2063

By encouraging discussion among all stakeholders, Agenda 2063 focusses on learning from the past and by doing so encouraging a positive socioeconomic transformation in the next 50 years. As we will see in my next post, that has a very positive effect on the spirit of fostering innovation in Africa.

The future we want for Africa: Go visit the website an contribute!

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