One of my favourite websites is because they keep me up to date on African business, innovation, and policy. If you have time and don’t already know about them, you should definitely check the website (and their podcasts) out.

In early January they published an article about the most recent African innovations you should keep an eye on. In my last blog post I briefly told you about Agenda 2063, an action plan formulated by the African Union (AU). Well, 3 years after the launch, it is certainly yielding fruit: Did you know, for instance, that the Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda has developed a multipurpose tractor which will make life so much easier for farmers? Or about Mobi-Bank, a mobile application for bank transactions, which Tamanda Pius, a student at Lilongwe Technical College, Malawi, won a prize for? No? Well, then listen to this podcast by and learn about these and other innovations.

These brilliant examples illustrate why it is so important to foster innovation. I’m excited to see what else lies ahead.


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