With the recent oil crisis in Angola, other business opportunities are getting more attention. AFKInsider recently spoke to Zandre Campos, CEO of Angola Capital Investments about the future of Angola’s economy:

“Oil going down means all the other opportunities are going up. Oil is important but it doesn’t mean that it’s everything. Angola has around 1060 kilometers of beaches and all the minerals” said Campos.

Campos founded his company to strengthen companies focussing on energy, transportation, hospitality, real estate and–above all else–healthcare: “The lack of investment in the [healthcare] sector is a big concern for us.”

Fortunately, Angola has begun legal and institutional reform linked to private investment, getting rid of the $1 million US dollars requirement and so encouraging micro, small and medium companies to invest. It also means, doing business in Angola will be faster which, according to Campos, are both important indicators for the country.

This is certainly encouraging news for Angola’s economy and will no doubt foster more innovation.

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