Fuel fraud can cause havoc to freight companies. With fuel one of the biggest expenses when transporting goods around, any fuel deviations can be a big hit to profitability. Care and attention is needed along the way, from checking that the correct fuel has been pumped in, and the transaction is correct at the petrol pumps, to monitoring whether fuel has been siphoned off, whilst a lorry is at a standstill. And it is not only the big companies that have to fight this. Families and individuals can also feel the impact of fuel fraud.

South Africa, and 6 other countries are bidding fare well to fraudulent payments  at filling stations with its Payment24. Improvements in advanced fuel management and payment solution to reserve funds for fuel, speeding up of the payment process, control and track fuel expenditure by family members and employees is all an easy click away with the Payment24 app.  Using this app allows motorist to geographically locate filling stations and pump number for authorisation to fill up. It has reduced traffic, transaction costs and petrol errors, which used to occur at filling stations. It is a master tool for both employees and employers.

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This internationally recognised app has been developed in South Africa and will  now be extending into new markets.  Fuel companies will first be using their mobile phones to have access to payments with this app in over 600 stations country wide. Operating in 7 countries currently, with over 1110 worldly recognised gas stations, it looks as though Payment24 has the potential to continue to spread beyond the borders of Africa. Its super friendliness even allows non-banked or security conscious customers to have full access to it. Linking of credit cards for ease of access to funding and payments being just a click away on mobile phones.

The app offers “fuel in tank” features,  which promotes multiple integration through its fuel sensors, allowing high levels of accuracy in fuel gauging. Not only does this improve budgeting systems for customers and allow them to compare dispensed fuel from pumps with delivered fuel in tank for fleet vehicles, it also monitors whether fuel is being illegally syphoned from the tank. This simple function means that consumers can now be comfortable that they can stop and illegal syphoning, and save money!

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With the thematic feature in place, fleet vehicles location and speed can be easily monitored through in built in sensors, which offer immediate feedback to drivers. Safety measures can finally be ensured as driver behaviour will be monitored. Figures in fatal accidents on roads could fall as a result of monitoring driver behaviour and speed. A side effect from what is already an extremely useful app, this function could be rolled out to all cars on the road, especially private buses, to ensure safer driving.

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