Social media has revolutionised the way we interact with each other, learn, discover new music and books, receive the news, and network, socially or for jobs. Now, with a few clicks, and a little typing, you can communicate about anything with anyone all over the world. It is not just Facebook of course, there are different networks for different reasons. Linkedin has cornered the market for professional networking, and information sharing, and Twitter and Instagram have their different uses, whether for gathering news or admiring people’s food!


Today, we are fortunate to have an African social media company in focus on Inventive Africa. VibeCampo have turned guest bloggers and have explained their revamped social network, which has just relaunched. So, what is VibeCampo..?

Are you a Kenyan student with the urge of connecting and growing together with others? VibeCampo is the social network that students from campus’ across Kenya, and the African continent, should join. The social network is scheduled for relaunch this September and hopes to attract even more users across Kenya. VibeCampo has undergone rebranding in terms of the logo, which the company arrived at after series of consultations and engaging users regarding the type of logo to be used.

The social network brags about of having bigger numbers in terms of users. The company has crafted their motto and made VibeCampo not just a social network but a place where young entrepreneurs can track their goals, pitch their talents and participate amongst similar minds.


Communities, as the company puts it, are the major point that engage similar minded and talented individuals. VibeCampo has started a feature they call goal check-ins that keeps track of user’s talent. The best way to keep track of your talent and what you’re doing and be committed to it is to have a reminder and check-in whenever you make a move.

Like so many apps now, there is a gamification and reward system involved in the VibeCampo social network. Users are rewarded are rewarded for inviting friends, or general use of the site. Users can earn tips and actually spend them on things such as airtime. This is a clever method of gaining users via incentive and also to keep interactions on the network at a high level.

With over 15000 users on board, 100 communities and more than 200 goals set already, VibeCampo is nurturing talents and helping young people out there to grow.VibeCampo helps young talented minds to discover their potential, explore opportunities and work towards it. Then they will grow in their talent field.

VibeCampo also have gone ahead to develop an android app that you can access through the Play Store ( ).

If VibeCampo does really change the world from Kenyan, that’s a bigger story for another day. Otherwise head over and enjoy the fun that comes with VibeCampo Social network (


Thank you to VibeCampo for sharing their innovative African made social network with us. For university students, networking is incredibly important. Apart from gaining knowledge and skills, and hopefully some work experience also, building a network around you that can help you in your later career is very important. Facebook itself began as a social network for a university, and VibeCampo have taken it back to basics. Enabling people to closely connect with their classmates, alumni and people interested in the same field as them means they can develop their professional network into the future.

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