On Inventive Africa we often talk about the importance of reading within the education sector. There have been many innovations out there to enable kids and students to have access to information digitally. But what about the other side of the equation. Many authors out there find it very difficult to publish there their works and have them read by a significant amount of people. The same goes for musicians in Africa, who want to push their music out to as many as possible to make an name for themselves in an increasingly challenging market.
Below the guys from Publiseer explain what their innovation is aiming to achieve.
The Nigerian startup Publiseer, is aiming to change this and get up and coming authors and musicians international exposure.  Publiseer was launched to publish Nigerian books and songs recorded on over 400 online stores, including the Apple Store, Play Store and Amazon, across 100 countries. According to StartUpBeat, “Publiseer provides authors and artists a chance to have their work seen by the rest of the world.”
the journey within book publiseer nigeria.jpg
Published by Publiseer
The mission of the publishing company is to promote the creativity of Nigerians to the rest of the world. So far, Publiseer has published 40 titles, 15 books and 25 musical albums.
This is not the first time a company is offering digital publishing services to authors and artists. BookBaby and CDBaby, both sister companies and already-established names, offer digital publishing services to authors and artists respectively, but the competitive edge of Publiseer is that it’s publishing service is free, while BookBaby and CDBaby request hefty publishing fees.

“Many people in Nigeria live under a dollar per day and they cannot afford to publish their works. Usually these works are breathtaking and these people are talented, but their talent wastes away because they don’t have the money to publish,” said Chidi Nwaogu, co-founder of Publiseer to Disrupt Africa. To solve this problem, Publiseer allows artists and authors to publish their work on Amazon, Google Play Store and Apple store – free-of-charge.
publiseer emex music.jpg
Music published by Publiseer
Thank you to Publiseer for giving us an insight into their innovation. Many creative minds across the continent are suppressed because they simply can’t afford to promote themselves. A lucky few get discovered out on the street, but even writing a novel is time consuming and sometimes costly, unless done in ones free time. So, how do you go about getting your book notices. You can go door to door to try and get people to read your book, or you can use a service like that of Publiseer, which can give you the exposure on the major channels for free, and then the readers themselves can make up their mind whether or not your work is appealing.
It is important to note that Publiseer does have a quality standard that needs to be met for a work to be published and it doesn’t publish certain types of material, like children’s books, text books and songs under 1 minute. When a book or song is sold, then the author or musician receives 25% of the sale price. This may seem small, but this is about taking that initial step on the ladder of gaining notoriety as an author or musician.
There need to be more initiatives across the continent to give cheap platforms to creative minds to show case their ideas and work. Not just for authors and musicians but for those that have come up with an innovative idea, but they don’t know how to express it correctly, or develop it. Of course, there are lots of tech hubs out there that are helping individuals develop their skills and build their projects, but in many cases, these are not accessible to those that lack education or in rural villages, who also have creative potential.

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