A few years ago I met an inspirational lady by the name of Edem Adzaho. She is an incredibly intelligent hard working person who is intent on enhancing the skills of Africa’s potential workforce. She featured on the most influential young Ghanaian list in 2015 and has also been a TedX speaker.

Often a complaint from local businesses, as well as organisations that begin operations in Africa from other continents, is that the workforce are not skilled or prepared enough to start working. Africa’s youth population is increasing in size and is a great resource to be utilise by firms around the world, as well as in Africa. But, they need to be read, and well equipped to join the workforce. That doesn’t just mean having the right educational background or skills, it means being able to manage time, deal with pressure, have attention to detail and communicate effectively with team members and clients. All these points are regularly criticised by African employers in my network.

edem adzaho academy graudate.png
Edem Adzaho and her students at the Global Graduate Academy

With The Global Graduate Academy, as well as various other roles as a speaker and author, Edem is teaching and inspiring many of Africa’s youth to challenge themselves to increase their employability, and to be able to keep the job when they get it. Her Youtube channel gives little snippets of inspiration that anyone can take on board, whether looking for a job, or deep into a career. A woman of many talents, she also writes books (Check them out here) and has more on the way!

It is on that Youtube channel that I have had the honour of being interviewed by Edem. In this 30 minute interview, I give my thoughts on technology and innovation in Africa’s future, and also my thoughts on what the African work force needs to focus on to compete with the best in the world. (You also get to know a little about me, my career journey, and why I am so interested in Africa and African innovation!) I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to put too much about me on this blog, as I want the focus to be on promoting African Innovation. But, as a celebration of @InventiveAfrica‘s 2000 tweet, I thought this was a special occasion.

Check out the video below, and browse through Edem’s channel to be inspired and learn.

Thank you to Edem for featuring me, it was a great honour. It is important for people in Africa to have African role models, that lead the way and inspire people to better themselves. Africa has all the tools to compete on the global stage in technology and innovation, and it is people like Edem, that can help Africa realise this in the future!

Edem also has a Twitter account, so if you want to follow her check it out here!

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