On Inventive Africa we have been privileged to have a number of guest bloggers. I started this platform to show the world what Africa is capable, and also to inspire people in Africa to follow their own innovative dreams. When guest bloggers write for Inventive Africa, it shows that there is so much passion for African innovation and technology across the continent.

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Once again, we have another guest blogger for you. Andui Claude Ebaneck interviewed the CEO and Founder of Maelth Tech Int., Akwo Ashangndowah Jake, a healthcare entrepreneur from Silicon Mountain Buea, Cameroon. In 2015, he founded the healthcare IT Company Maealth Tech Inc. with mission to

  • improve access to credible health info
  • and strengthen Cameroons health care system by digitalizing cumbersome hospital processes.

Prior to their latest product, the HelpYourself mobile application, Ashangndowah has been in charge of many mHealth projects like the epills (a voice reminder system for patients with Chronic diseases for adherence checks e.g HIV/AIDS)

helpyourself app.png
Andui Claude Ebaneck – What is the HelpYourself (HY) app?

Ashangndowah – HY is a FREE simple to use, visually appealing bilingual mobile application that helps users share health inquiries/issues LIVE with a certified medical doctor for possible advice and connect to a platter of health care services all through their smart phones. The goal is to put accessible and affordable first aid, home remedies and other health services into the hands of every person in Cameroon. To achieve this, the company has brought together a team of clinicians, computer engineers, Doctors to focus on combining Health with Information Technology (Health IT) to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalised health care app with services that are FREE and reach Cameroonian needs.

Claude – Are you replacing doctors?

Ashangndowah – NO. Instead, Help Yourself app is designed to supplement doctor’s work, by serving as a tool for secure and credible communication between doctors and patients, whilst also providing efficient first aid, home remedies and increasing diagnosis accuracy. Anyone can download and use the app for free to get accurate and fast medical advice on their symptoms and either be guided with self help or access to speak with a doctor. Thus the name -> Help Yourself

help yourself fucntions.png

Claude – How does it work?

Ashangndowah – Help Yourself app delivers primary health care through a mobile app by:

  • Allowing patients to have access to a database of first aid and home remedies for emergency situations.
  • Putting patients quickly in contact with doctors via chat consultation and why not voice/video to the extend of providing referrals
  • Ensuring quick calculations of LMP, fertility periods and menstruation dates.
  • Supplying a range of advices to pregnant women preparing for the birth process.
  • Providing full Health tips and placing more emphasis on the management of chronic diseases e.g diabetes, high blood pressure etc

Later this year, we are looking at implementing minor Artificial Intelligence (AI) — WATCH OUT!!!

helpyourself checklist.png

Claude – Is there human touch at the end?

Ashangndowah – Yes, there is. The whole system is controlled by certified medical doctors that answer to your health inquiries. We simply want to use technology to help Cameroonians.

Claude – What if something goes wrong? Who will be responsible?

Ashangndowah – We are responsible. Like all mhealth services, we have managed to make the HY app HIPAA compliant. Also we provide an accurate record of the conversation between doctor and patient, all recordings are stored securely.

helpyourself- text message with doc.png
Chat with a doctor

Claude – What are your plans for Help Yourself app — how to grow the business?

Ashangndowah – Our goal is to build a community of Cameroonians and subsequently Africa whom convincingly rely on mhealth services to achieve healthy lifestyles.

To date Help Yourself app currently has over a few hundred users. This is important to us because we now know that the HY app can work in our country (Cameroon), we will continue to grow our company, with the aim of delivering our goals to put affordable and accessible health care in the hands of every Cameroonian.


Thanks to Claude for taking the time to write this blog for Inventive Africa. You can find him on Twitter here. There are so many innovations which are impacting the African health care system. Only last week we showcased another innovation from Ghana by a wonderfully innovative former nurse. 

If you know of any innovations in Africa, an innovation that is changing lives, or you also want to be a guest blogger, get in contact with us on Twitter @inventiveAfrica or via email. Please she the blog with your network on Twitter and Facebook. Also, don’t forget to check out and like out Facebook page!

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