It’s time to talk about Hackathons again, a subject that I already mentioned in a previous blogpost. But what exactly is a Hackathon?
Well, a Hackathon is best described as an event aimed at bringing together innovators from two different cities around the globe. In only 28 hours, they are seeking to find scalable solutions in fields such as eduction, business and farming for people in developing countries. The winners project gets implemented by charities working in low income nations (Source:

In my previous blogpost I already talked about the <Br/eak> Poverty Hackathon. Today I learned, that there are two more Hackathons planned for 2016. One of them, the <Br/eak> Education Hackathon is aimed at bringing together tech-savvy developers from San Francisco and Accra, Ghana to address the issue of Education accessibility in rural areas. The purpose is to develop accessible technologies facilitating education in rural low income countries.

I find this a very interesting project, since it brings together developers with completely different backgrounds trying to find the most applicable solutions to address poverty issues in developing countries. In doing so, it creates an ideal environment to foster innovation. Do you know about similar projects taking place around the globe? If so, let me know in the comments!

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