From May 11th to 13th, the World Economic Forum on Africa 2016 will take place in Kigali, Rwanda. The goal of the forum is to pursue new approaches to ignite structural transformation, particularly in the face of rapid technological changes that have the potential to create new industries and reduce inequality.

According to WEF Head of Africa Elsie Kanza, the female half of Africa’s population desperately need champions and role models to help empower a new generation of wealth and job creators by creating an environment where they can flourish. This is why the WEF is on the lookout for Africa’s top five female innovators – a quest which is proving difficult as there is such a wide range of candidates to choose from.

Africa’s economic outlook is expected to bounce back to 5% in 2016 due to the global economy. All the more reason to foster innovation amongst all sections of the population and thus unfold Africa’s full inventive potential.

Here more about this on Ventures Africa’s Soundcloud stream.

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