When the foot step steps of internet access first got to be felt by many of us in Africa, the process of adding videos to a website was a long complicated one. One had to add the video first as a link. Any visitor who went on to the web had to then download the link to watch the video, and it could take a lot of time to fully have access to the video. Advancements in technology nowadays has allowed us to stream videos online and has transformed video downloading completely. From youtube, Periscope or Spotify the list is endless and they give users amazing options, with clear guidelines and updates.



StarTimes is a huge media company that has been deeply rooted in many African countries for a long time, offering both digital and satellite terrestrial television to many African consumers. From Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa to most sub-saharan countries, StarTimes has been working with governments to promote digitalisation on different grounds which have been received well by consumers primarily because it was providing affordable needed technical solutions for the African people. A hustle for some countries which invest in Africa. As a result, it managed to enter into various joint digital ventures with African countries even in addressing concerning challenges for some. A good example to be drawn is a joint venture on digital migration with Tanzania which took place in 2015, which gave rise to the implementation Satellite TV projects  a number of villages-transforming them from the analogue digital signal television provision which was in use.



Throughout the years, it has managed to grow in African development seminars, sports broadcasting, corporate social responsibilities, solar systems and phones. It comes as no surprise therefore that it is involved it the recent world cup football games held in Russia this year with yet more solutions for the African continent. It has developed The StarTimes app in Ghana aimed at streaming the World Cup games live to consumers across the country. The first subscribers to the app stand a better chance of accessing a certain amount of discount on a number of channels. One of the apps feature is Spot On, a service provider that offers highlights from matches, pre and post match interviews  as well as analysis of all World Cup games. Soccer fans can indulge in football games at all levels.


The app has given all customers the pleasure and option of watching all games any where, with less stress of electric current being cut of by heavy storms, or general power cuts that still plague much of the continent. All that consumers need is an internet connection to fully enjoy the apps services with extra free services to other number of channels for movie lovers, music and documentaries customers. The range of entertainment list goes on and on. The app can be downloaded on the Apple and Play store. With the robust transformational economic revolution happening in Africa-the digital economy is over and over proving to be a sharp rising cornerstone for African solutions taking over in all spheres of economical growth. From educational accessibility, electronic banking to many other digital transformations already in existence, more investment in it will surely bring fruitful results to the African continent.

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