If you read about African technology and innovation a lot, (and if you are reading this you probably do!) then over the last year you will have heard a lot about the many technology hubs that are being established across the continent. In many ways the tech revolution in Africa is partly due to these shared spaces that things are moving so fast. These hubs bring people together from all backgrounds with varied skills to work side by side, sharing their skills and expertise and pushing each other to realise their dreams. One such technology hub, that I had the pleasure of spending time in, is iSpace in Ghana.

Founded by Josiah Kwesi Eyison and Fiifi Baido in 2013, iSpace has now grown to support over 30 startups with a space to work, expertise, business advice and funding. Josiah Eyison is incredibly passionate about pushing young people to be creative and to support each other. They are also supporting other tech projects for example with their own coding club, pushing women in technology. They even help with initiatives of others. As you may have read in the previous blog, iSpace also supports the CoderDojo project set up at La Wireless school in Accra, by providing much needed mentors.

Josiah Kwesi Eyison mentoring at CoderDojo La Wireless

The atmosphere inside the hub is buzzing. It is a hive of activity, with incredible enthusiasm from everyone in the hub. People are working together, joking together and creating together. It is an inspiring environment much different to work environments I have seen in both Europe and Ghana. Although it may be clichéd, success breeds success and with the imminent success of certain project, you can see the desire of others to also succeed. I passed by iSpace wanting to film a couple of short interviews with some of the startups. After the first interview took place, there was a surge of interest in also participating with each of the startups pushing the others to stand in front of the camera. I will be posting the videos up over the next couple of weeks.

The first video features Theo Paintsil of Tukwan (The Twi word for travel. Tukwan is a travel app to help tourists and students when getting around Ghana. You can find out where you are, find a suitable tour guide, and recommend attractions to other tourists. This cool app will also have some extra cool features which will be useful to anyone in Ghana.  Check out the video below to hear more from Theo.

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