Innovation. When we talk of it we often speak of new technology or hi tech ideas. It is exciting, fast moving and surprising. Businesses all over the world are fighting to bring out the newest innovation and surprise the world. What we often forget is that innovation comes in many forms. From a new farming technique, or a insurance concept, to creating a comic strip. Today, we have a short interview with Felly Oyuga, who has created the comic strip Adua Chronicles.

Adua Chronicles takes the reader into the real life situations of a Kenyan mother. It is a funny, charming selection of mini stories about the relationship between a Kenyan woman and her children, work and social life. Adua’s sarcastic manner, enables her to talk about any part of her life in a relatable way.


With women’s rights often at the forefront of international rhetoric, and many organisations fighting for equality for women across the African continent, Adua Chronicles is giving a voice to women everywhere. It is a frank depiction of how a women in Africa (and the world) thinks. Adua is a strong, responsible women, that likes a glass of wine, works hard and loves her children.

You may ask, is this innovation? Well, yes, we believe it is. This comic is an innovative way to promote the strength and importance of women to African society. Across the continent, women are propping up households and enabling them to survive, despite not being given equal rights. We have not found anything else which gives a true representation of an African woman and also about real life problems in Kenya.


So, who is behind Adua?

FO – My name is Felly Oyuga. I am Kenyan, mother to 4 kids (they have all been featured on Adua Chronicles) I work in marketing and so you can Imagine, I always have a lot to say!

IA – How did you come to create digital comics?

FO – I have tried Webisodes, online radio and online magazines…as I said, I feel I have a lot to say, getting the medium to express myself has been a journey. I wanted a medium where I didn’t necessarily need someone to work with, something that I had total control over. So the comic strip was born!


IA – What inspired you to produce Adua as a comic?

FO – We rarely get authentic content on women, single women, my neck of the woods..most content is so ‘westernized’ Adua is my alter ego:)..she says things sometimes I wish I could say and some which I do say..

IA – Is Adua a typical African woman?

FO – Typical African woman in her time. I mean you can not compare her to my mother or grandma. She is more outspoken, thanks to some of the sacrifices of women like my mother and grandma.


IA – Is there a moral behind Adua’s adventures?

FO – Adua’s adventure are based on my real day to day life, parenting, work life and social life. I have always like seeing the humour in every situation and I strive to bring it out in the comic strip.

We can’t wait to see more of Adua’s adventures and her humorous take on daily life as a single mother in Kenya! For more of her work check out her Facebook page and Twitter. Thank you to Felly for speaking with us! If anyone knows of any other creative African innovation please let us know. If you liked this blog, or any other blog on Inventive Africa, please also share the blog with your network on Twitter and Facebook.

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