As you will have realised from reading past articles, I am a supporter of technology and innovation competitions in Africa. Not only do they encourage individuals to develop their ideas, they promote innovation and enable the rest of the world to discover the potential of the African tech sector.

The Innovation Awards are once again open to applicants. Last year, there were over 200 entries from 21 countries. Last years winners included Bookly, a free mobile reading and writing platform built to improve literacy in Africa, Giftedmom, a mobile health solutions provider for pregnant women, and Gamesole, a Nigerian mobile phone game developer.

Gidi Run from Gamesole.png
Gidi Run – By Gamesole

This years, are looking for entries in 10 categories :

  • Disruptive innovation award
  • Best Social & Messaging Award
  • Best African App Award
  • Enterprise solution award
  • News & Entertainment Award
  • Educational Award
  • Fintech Award
  • Social Impact Award
  • Brand on Mobile Award
  • Women in Tech Award

To enter the competition it costs $60, but if the start up is less than 12 months old, entrance are given the opportunity to enter for free, showing the inclusive nature of these awards.

The awards take place in November in Cape Town, South Africa, and I look forward to writing about the winners! If you are interested in entering, check them out here.

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