A while back I did a blogpost on the  Poverty Hackathon that took place from the 20th to the 22nd of November in Kenya and in Canada. The project brings together developers from Kenya and Canada to come up with new applications within 28 hours to solve social issues such as education or business in developing countries. I find this to be a great concept since it connects innovators from two completely different parts of the world. I’ve just checked back on their website to see whether there’s an update on what the developers came up with.

It turns out that amazing ideas were created during those 28 hours. Apparently, the developpers from Canada and Kenya formed cross-continental teams to come up with the greatest, most efficient solutions.

Among the top generated ideas are Agricate, an app that sends customized and timely best practices for growing Maize to farmers, or TrashBOT, an application that provides tutorials for children on how robotics work. There’s many more though.

I’m curious about the future of these projects. Let’s hope that they will receive sufficient funding and that there will be a follow-up hackathon sometime in the future. I will keep you posted.

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