African innovators are facing numerous challenges when it comes to lack of infrastructure, government regulations and so on. Nevertheless, the continent is boosting with new, exciting innovations. Just in time for the start of the new year, venturesafrica lists the top-innovations recently made in Africa.

The first innovation is a multipurpose tractor from Uganda. It was created at the Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. The innovative machine has a lot more functionalities to offer from what tractors usually do. As venturesafrica states: “The tractor can pump water from depths of up to seven metres to a radius of 33 metres, it can thresh half a ton of maize in an eight-hour shift and its wheelbase allows it to carry up to two tons of produce. The MV Mulimi comes with a three-disc plough, which will save farmers time and stress as the tractor’s plough is faster and easier to use.” (Source:

Another fascinating innovation is a mobile security software created in Malawi. Whenever the security of it’s users homes is at stake, the software automatically sends a text message. The mesage will also be sent in case of fire.

The third innovation is a drone technology developped in Tanzania. It was designed for farmers to monitor their crops, thus increasing time efficiancy in the agricultural sector.

A fourth innovation is a mobile banking application designed in Malawi. The app facilitates mobile phone transactions.

As one can see, there seems to be an increasing trend towards highly creative technological innovations that facilitate people’s daily lives. Especially in the agricultural sector, new technological advances prove useful to increase efficiency. However, the question remains of whether the average citizen will be able to afford such new technologies. After all, technology designed to improve people’s daily lives needs to come at a reasonable price.

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