I would like to start today´s post with a question for my readers: I am always looking for more interesting websites and blogs about innovation in Africa. Unfortunately, informative online-resources concerning innovation in Africa seem to be rather scarce. If any of you know of a good website, please let me know in the comment section.

In other news, I have stumbled upon an article on venturesafrica about an organization called TechSoupGlobal. TechSoup is a technology solutions company that works with big technology firms such as Microsoft. In collaboration with these partners, they provide NGOs throughout the world with affordable technology software and solutions through their new TechSoupGlobal plattform.

Personally, I find this an incredibly great project. Nowadays, adapting to technological change is an important resource for NGOs and thus facilitates communications, logistics and organization of projects all around the world. Since NGOs usually have fewer financial resources than profit-companies, affordable technology solutions might just be the key for these organizations to fulfill their charitable mission.

Until recently, TechSoup only operated in South Africa, Kenya, Botswana and Egypt, excluding NGOs operating in other parts of the African continent. However, the company has now expanded its services to the rest of Africa, paving the way for many NGOs to potentially benefit from their services.

TechSoupGlobal is just one example for the numerous ways in which smart business models combined with the effort to make a difference can potentially benefit the lives of many in Africa. Furthermore, the above example shows that innovation doesn´t necessarily mean creating a new technology or product. Instead, a change can be made by solely innovating a remarkable business model. If any of you know of more projects like TechSoupGlobal, be sure to let me know.

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