Inventive Africa is all about turning lives around with innovation.  It was an honor to receive the opportunity to write an article for the website.  The future of Africa and the World will not only rely on innovation- it will take food, clean energy and water, as well as sustainable buildings for Innovators to live and work from.

To put it as simple as I can: No amount of innovation will be possible in a world that cannot support Life due to the runaway climate change that threatens all mankind.

The Innovations addressing and behind tackling Climate Change in Africa are areas that MOhemp Kenya Sustainable Farming is well aware of.  

The benefits of this future farming enterprise will come in many forms

The Greatest benefit will be by:

Addressing Climate Change by utilizing the Earth as a giant carbon sink, which is the driving force behind MOhemp Kenya sustainable agriculture enterprise.  All the other benefits mentioned: Education, Employment, Promoting Kenya, Agriculture Research, Community Outreach, in addition to improving People’s Health are just benefits.

Hemp power plant.png

The Fiber crops that MOHemp Kenya will be growing are some of the best cyclers of Carbon reducing plants known to mankind.  This startup agriculture venture will have the ability to cycle 19.6 Metric Tons of Carbon per Acre from the air we breathe.  Johnson pointed out in a scientific study: Cover crops, which are grown when fields are usually idle, can also be chopped and lightly worked into the top layer of soil. This can capture almost fifteen tons of carbon dioxide per acre… if fourteen percent of the world’s cropland, adopted this approach to agriculture, you could capture all anthropogenic CO2. source

Yes you read that correctly: it will only take 14% of the World’s cropland to solve the Climate Change issue if more cover crops are used.

The benefits of cycling the CO2 from the air don’t stop at just the plants growing on the farm.  It also is directly tied to the end products that will be produced from these plants in the form of Sustainable Biomass Energy products.

  1. The seeds from these fiber plants can be utilized to make non polluting biodiesel and the
  2. other parts of the plants can be used to create biomass pellets that can be used for heating or cooking.
  3. Both of these products when burned for energy sources do not put out the harmful emissions that cause climate change back into the air- this is especially true when comparing Biodiesel to regular Diesel.

Additional avenues for innovation that MOhemp Kenya will be bringing into play as it relates to agriculture one of which is an Agriculture Invention that has been quoted to be the Holy Grail needed in the Hemp Industry.

Hemp farm.png
Hemp Farm
  • A prior European Factory Manager and MOhemp Advisor, has quoted the inventions as being the “Holy Grail needed in the Industryhe has ideas in principle that would, without exaggeration, revolutionize post-harvest processing and reduce the production costs by such a margin they would become almost negligible by comparison to current processing methods common in the industry”. David Bovis Director Duxinaroe
  • Developing strains and varieties of Fiber plants that have low water needs and are adapted to the conditions of Africa’s Climate- accomplished by Selective Harvesting of the strongest plants and or Cross Pollinating with other plants by working with companies that are developing seed varieties that will flourish in Africa’s climate.
  • Organic Farming Techniques-cover crops provide the nutrients without chemicals
  • Water Conservation: No Till Farming that utilizes Drip Irrigation and Solar Powered Water Well Systems
  • Directly working with other small holder farmers could also lead to co-op farming opportunities.
  • MOhemp Kenya will utilize machines in its farming operations.  We realize that not everyone will have access to these machines.  It would be a failure not to demonstrate how these fiber plants can be processed by hand with home made farming implements, which is the same ways fiber plants were processed 1000’s of years before mankind invented machines and is still being done this way in some areas of the World.
  • Sustainable Building Products: Hempcrete, Hemp Fiber Insulation, Hemp Bricks



For MOhemp Kenya it’s not all about making money.  This Agriculture Farming venture is ½ Philanthropy and ½ Business which supports the philanthropic activities that are too numerous to list in this short article (full article).  We are actively seeking funding avenues to bring this farming venture to life.  Additional details and information can be found on the website as well as contacting Scotty by email or on 

We thanks MoHemp Kenya for supporting us with a blog about their innovative view of the future for agriculture. If you have any comments Tweet us at @InventiveAfrica and please also share the blog on Twitter and Facebook.

18 thoughts on “Did You Know Hemp could create change in Africa?

          1. Greetings to You, Not sure what legal actions you might pursue for people growing food and capacity for Africans!


          2. Report TO every African, I am the CEO of The Ledge Group LLC, WE ARE MORE THAN 5,000 AFRICANS in the Diaspora who seek to partner with EVERY AFRICAN to build the future. My Name is Peter Brown and we believe that We in america with capacity can partner with Africans on the continent with resource and control our destiny for the next TEN MILLION YEARS!!!!

            So you report Mohemp, you report that the Africans time is NOW and nothing can stop it, We are committed to creating partnerships to provide viable options to the Africans all over the globe, what are you committed to?


  1. I think the news you are sharing is awesome! Our team wishes you the best in your Canna project! As stated in the Title of the Article “Did You Know Hemp could create change in Africa?” the more people working in the Cannabiz the faster “positive” changes will come for Kenyans and the World! #HempOn Amigo! Peace Scotty


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